Harmony-driven-indie-rock from four friends
who have been through a thing or two together, making music to sing with rooms full of
nice people along the way.

Splitting their time between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Branches have described their collaborative process as ‘a lot like long-distance dating’. In their case, absence makes the heart grow fonder, more inspired, and a little too familiar with the 413 miles of road that often lies between them. Their songwriting process has certainly been informed by the tension of this distance. Recently, the band has passed the time on these all-night drives in long, dreamy conversations about the future, sharing their high-hopes for the music and moments still right around the corner…

In seasons past, Branches’ musical explorations have landed them on stage with such acts as MUTEMATHTwin ForksJudah and The Lion, and Ying Yang Twins (Yes, THAT Ying Yang Twins. Don’t Ask.) Branches has also earned significant success in television and trailer licensing, including placements on The X FactorCougar Town, and One Tree HillAs one of “12 California Acts You Should Listen to Now” (Paste Magazine) and "the real reason Kevin Durant came out to the Bay to play for the Warriors" (Live 105), it's evident that Branches' burgeoning hype is matched only by their own eagerness for what’s ahead.

When they’re not on the road or in the studio, the band spends most of their time laughing at each other, visiting dog parks, and loving their lives. Join them for a night of singing and see for yourself what their music is all about.